Free Degrees Louth

Kings & Bears

The Kings Head, Louth, GB

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Free Degrees is part of Louth's annual Zero Degrees festival taking place at the legendary Kings Head.

Line Up

Kings & Bears are a ‘sunk reck’ trio influenced by the sounds of soul, funk, reggae and rock and driven by the transformative power of music.

"Kings and Bears are committed to their art when they are on stage that’s for sure. I’ve seen headliners play with less enthusiasm and gusto. It was a great way to start because it made the festival (2Q) feel proper somehow." Gary Lambert, Popped Music

"One of the best live performances I've ever seen by Kings & Bears tonight! #stunning" Jono Brine, BBC Introducing

The bands mission is to promote the idea that the world is worth fighting for and that love is real and transformative. Kings & Bears are a band always searching for their next inspiration and new challenge, never looking to stand still with their musical ambitions and never afraid to refine and redefine themselves.

"It's Kings & Bears world we just happen to live in it. What. A. Set." BBC Introducing, Lincolnshire

The band's latest recording project, K&B II is an exploration of different spaces and locations including St. Swithuns church (built 1100s), Fydell House (built 1702), Sweet Factory studios and ‘The Garden’. The recordings aim to both celebrate the band’s local area but also to explore the idea that ‘place’ can affect us and, in turn, we can have our effect upon it.

"A small band with a big sound, when you discover K&B are a three-piece they're all the more impressive. It's clear K&B are inspired by the musical greats but the sounds produced are exciting and modern; they take us back to when each member of a band was a super talented integral part. The assured singing, catchy bass lines and drum riffs all blend together to form the best band I've ever heard to come out of Boston". Dylan Taylor, Endeavour FM

Highlights of Kings & Bears career to date include airplay on Huw Stevens Radio 1 show, supporting Doncaster 3-piece Bang Bang Romeo, performing 2 capped performances at Lincoln’s 2Q festival alongside bands such as Circa Waves and Peace and 4 headline shows including Plugged at Lincoln's Engine Shed. The band are also proud of their debut EP and singles released to date which are a perfect document of their roots and evolution as a band.

"Kings & Bears delighted us with their power funk; they mash together reggae, ska, rock and punk sounds in their music and it created a quirky performance. Bonus points for some stylish, slick beatboxing which rounded up their set." Rachel Brown, Northern Exposure

Together, Kings & Bears believe, we can go higher.

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